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Personal Fitness Training

My passion for health and fitness, as well as 40 years of teaching and continued lifelong learning, has led me to become a Personal Trainer and Fitness Coach.  I enjoy working one on one with my clients as well as in a small group setting.  My goal is to help you enjoy your training and get excited about your workouts, motivating you and challenging your body appropriately to improve your health and strength, your mood and overall quality of life.  Whether you are familiar with working out or new to the gym, your goals are my priority.  It is my philosophy that all exercises are designed and tailored to best suit your anatomy and current abilities creating a custom fit, client-defined exercise experience.

Personal Session

Exclusive one on one training sessions.  My one-on-one coaching sessions will maximize your results by putting all the focus on you and your goals.  I offer half hour sessions that are easy to fit into your busy schedule.  Price listed is per individual.

$42.50 (30 min.)
$55.00 (45 min.)
$70.00 (60 min.)
Semi-Private Training

Bring a friend, family member, or partner and enjoy the benefit of a personalized session modified for each individual.  Exercise is more enjoyable when shared with someone else.  Motivate each other and share a new experience at a fraction of the cost.  Price listed is for two people.

$80.00 (60 min.)
Small Group Training

Group personal training evenly splits time between 2 - 3 clients.  Individuals will be doing different exercises together at their own rate of speed, intensity, and ability.  This is a cost-effective approach with the added benefit of motivation from both your peers and Instructor.  Price listed is per group.

$80.00 (60 min.)
Group Fitness Classes

Achieve your health and fitness goals within a group exercise class.  We offer a variety of fitness classes focusing on a combination of strength, endurance, core stability, and balance and flexibility.  Price listed is per individual.  1 hour sessions.

$189.99 (10 weeks)
$20.00 (walk in/per session)

Refunds & Cancellation Policy

24 hours notice is required for all cancellations of personal training sessions to avoid being charged for the missed session.


We accept payments by cash, credit card, and electronic fund transfer.

13% HST to be added to all invoices.


Strata Internal Performance

17705 Leslie St., Unit #16

Newmarket, ON  L3Y 3E3

Hours of Availability

Tuesdays & Thursdays, 5:30 p.m. - 9:00 p.m.

Saturdays, 7:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.

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What our clients have to say...

I have been taking part in Margaret's small group fitness/training classes for over two years now and have found the classes to be a very positive addition to my workout week. Margaret is a very smart and conscientious instructor. Whether you are a beginner who has never set foot in a gym or a seasoned 'gym rat' who works out all the time, the skills and activities in her classes are always tailored to each individuals' abilities. If a certain skill doesn't work for you, she always has an alternative that will fit you and your ability. Recently, I have been recovering from an upper body injury from a skiing accident. While I am able to resume the classes, I am not yet able to resume all the skills and activities I was doing prior to my accident. Not a problem. Each week Margaret has her plan for the class and her individualized plan for me when alternative skills are needed. I never feel left out and every week the class, the skills, and the activities are different. Everyone works to their own ability. I thoroughly enjoy the variety with each class and, even more so, the friendships that have developed from participating. For anyone looking to enhance their workouts, I highly recommend working with Margaret."

J. Maxwell

This gym is amazing, absolutely amazing. The staff and overall environment are positive, encouraging and welcoming. I always felt comfortable walking in and seeing all the trainers and other members. Ultimately, never once did I feel judged on my capabilities or progress by either staff or other members. I loved this place and really do hope I can return in the future.


During my three months at Strata, I had the pleasure of being trained by Margaret. I started there with a closed mind and riddled with nerves about working out. I started on this journey to prepare myself for the physical training of the OACP, the police testing. My main concern was my cardio endurance (or lack thereof), and how I would be able to increase this so I could actually last more than 30 seconds of running without getting insanely winded. Margaret whipped me into shape faster than I ever thought possible, all without spending countless workout sessions on the treadmill (which I HATE). Focusing on the muscles in my back, legs and abs paired with some intense cardio workouts, not only lead to greater muscular strength but actually helped increase my endurance in running....without actually running! She took the time to show me how each technique should be done and never hesitated to correct me. This included working on machines as well as free weights. Not once did I feel that we were just repeating the same workouts over and over again, instead she would continuously changing things up each session to ensure that I knew as many different variations as I could. On top of all that, I had injured myself at one point (not gym related) and she did everything she could to make sure we were still getting in a decent workout without me further injuring myself. Not only did she help me improve in the areas I needed, but I also learned so much from her, making it easier to work out on my own safely and more effectively than I ever used to.

Aside from her extensive knowledge of training, Margaret is genuinely an amazing woman. She is super fun to be with, funny, caring, extremely encouraging, and emotionally supportive. I even know firsthand that she has a shoulder to cry on when it’s needed. I could honestly go on and on and about her, but it'll do no justice. You're better off going in and experiencing her for yourself!

S. Margaret Renshaw

I’ve been fortunate enough to know Margaret professionally and personally for many years. As someone who carries many professional roles, she does an incredible job of delivering high-quality professionalism, has a mastery level approach to her education, and creates fun and memorable experiences. If you are looking for CPR, fitness training, swimming or for health advice in general, Margaret is your one-stop shop. I am blessed to have Margaret be apart of the Strata Internal Performance team.

B. Green, CEO of Strata Fitness Enterprise Inc.

I joined this program at Strata Internal Performance 10 weeks ago, and I can't say enough about it.  Such a great class, great people and an awesome trainer.  The class is never the same twice, the exercises are varied, and you can control your intensity-based on your ability!  Perfect for my ADD workout personality.  I hate to be bored!  I like it so much I've started personal training with Margaret Jamieson, and I am thrilled with my sessions and the results.  If you're looking to improve your overall health, build strength, and have some fun...join us!

T. Evans

Hey ladies.  This is an awesome workout!!  Come join me.  Boxing is the best, but every class is different.  Weights and machines, mats, etc.  We just have fun and get fit at the same time.  Margaret Jamieson is awesome at inspiring you.

M. Pratt

Margaret is a highly motivating trainer.  She pays attention to client goals, limitations and safety.  Sessions are always well planned and varied but also flexible if a particular exercise is not a good fit that day.  Margaret encourages everyone to maximize their own potential.


After feeling disappointed and jaded by large fitness classes, I decided to try something different.  Enter Margaret's approach.  Small group training to share the fun, yet lots of personal feedback to ensure your goals are met!

M. Gans

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